So you have an issue with taggers? Tagging is another word for (marking ones territory) We call it Grafitti, some call it art, and in some cases I might agree, but when it's on the storefront of your place of business, or the side of your beautiful home, that's where its nothing but an eyesore!

The fact is, your city might provide a removal service at no charge for you, and by all means it's a great service, but they are VERY busy and also on a 4 month minimum waiting list. If you can't wait that long, and want something done right away, then call E.J. Clean, your graffiti will be taken care of ASAP!

If you are in an area where as soon as you remove the graffiti, it's like you have just made a clean canvas for more "taggers" then there are also products we can discuss that can be applied to make the area a lot easier to self maintain. Or we could set up an account where I can make regular check ups and keep your building graffiti free as I do with other clients.

My products are safe for the environment, but still very strong, most situations can be cleaned in 1 to 2 applications, some cases might call for something a bit more severe such as sand blasting (last resort) but don't worry, It will get clean!

Don't lose business because people think you're in a bad location, and don't let kids mark up and ruin the looks of your beautiful home!


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